PRO-TF Chocolate

KSh 13,600

Pro-TF® is a delicious and versatile “whey” to meet your daily protein needs—whatever your fitness goals! This exclusive performance-caliber whey and egg protein helps you transform your body so you can enjoy a more youthful and vibrant life. Pro-TF is also the only protein supplement that contains patented 4Life Transfer Factor® for bolstered immune system response. Every two-scoop serving of Pro-TF provides 20 g of one of the most advanced and effective proteins for optimizing body composition and increasing lean muscle growth. Pro-TF has been independently and university-tested and has been shown to support increased metabolism and calorie burning, healthy fat loss, feelings of fullness, and better recovery times. Gram for gram, Pro-TF is one of the most effective proteins on the market at burning fat, protecting muscle, reducing hunger, and supporting body transformation